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Models and Details Dimensions: 460 * x 450 * x 340 * mm Lift-up foldaway shower seat consisting of a seat and structure to be built into the wall in die-cast aluminium with cataphoresis treatment and subsequent powder coating. In the "not used" position, the seat is flush with the wall frame with a visible thickness of 3.5 mm. The seat swings on non-slip hinges. Black embossed PST seat cover. Shower seat fitted with a push pad for easy opening: just press the closed seat to gently tip it outwards so that it catches and moves into the horizontal position ready for use. Only to be installed on frames for plasterboard walls or masonry walls art: CAP.447.CG0B.00, CAP.447.MR0B.00. The frames must be ordered separately and are to be set-up and installed when the masonry works are carried out. Shower seat with fixing kit for the above frames. Watertight protective casing art. CAP.447.WP0B.00 available on request: the protective casing is to be installed before fitting the wall covering. Wall frame dimensions: 460 * mm x 450 * mm. Seat length 390 * mm. Seat depth 340 mm. (max outer dimensions) *


.24 - GREY

.30 - POWDER COATED White 9010



  Kg 150

This product is only offered in a European format
IDArticlesDescriptionABWith shower head holderWith articulated floor supportWith toilet roll holderCSinglePairNon lockingBottom closingChiusura superioreTop and bottom closingNon-through lockWith thumbturnAda
1340CAP.447.000B 460*340*450*