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Models and Details Dimensions: 380 * x 472 * x 430 * mm Attachable lift-up shower seat with AISI 316L stainless steel bearing structure. Seat made of charcoal grey PA6 polyamide bands and a charcoal grey PA6 polyamide front piece with internal steel core with corrosion resistant treatment. Seatback made of charcoal grey PA6 polyamide bands. Shower seat to be hung on the 400-SS line fixed grab rails in the shower area. The shower seat can be put on or taken off the grab rails using the two release lock plates that prevent its accidental release. Lift-up seat to reduce the outer dimensions when not in use. Rotation and wall support brackets in AISI 316 stainless steel; including rubber caps for contact with the wall. Total depth 472 * mm. Height 430 * mm. Seat length 380 * mm. (max outer dimensions) * Standard satin finish. Bright finishing on request. The plastic material used does not exhibit any cytotoxic effects (Tests performed according to EN ISO 10993-5) Article compliant with EN 12182 (Assistive products for persons with disability)

Stainless Steel AISI 316L

.44 - SATIN

.43 - BRIGHT



  Kg 150

This product is only offered in a European format
IDArticlesDescriptionABWith shower head holderWith articulated floor supportWith toilet roll holderCSinglePairNon lockingBottom closingChiusura superioreTop and bottom closingNon-through lockWith thumbturnAda
13424CS.449.000B 380*470*430*