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Models and Details Dimensions mm (Inches): handle Ø 37 (1-29/64"), total length B = 2200 (86-5/8"), centre to centre distance A = 1050 (41-11/32"), centre to centre distance E = 1000 (39-3/8"), handle overhang 81.2 (3-3/16"), maximum overhang 95 (3-3/4"). Pull handle with straight supports without lockset to be coupled with pull handles with pba high lockset with three fixing points that house American mortise cylinders. In anodized aluminium EN AW 6060. Central support Ø63 (2-15/32"), bottom and top supports Ø 35 (1-3/8"). Can be installed on aluminium, glass, wooden, PVC doors and mixed systems of any thickness to be indicated when ordering. Protection accessories for glass fixing included. Standard finish: champagne, bronze and black anodized satin finish (other finishes on request). Anodizing thickness Class 15 (15-17 micrometres) suitable for outdoor applications according to UNI standard 3952/66. Anodizing in compliance with the QUALANOD EURAS- EWAA quality label directives. Reference standards: UNI 10681.


.69 - SILVER

.67 - SATIN Bronze

.68 - ELOX SATIN Black

IDArticlesDescriptionABDiametroSinglePairNon lockingBottom closingChiusura superioreTop and bottom closingNon-through lockWith thumbturnAda
3446KLA.002.00MG 0
3453KLA.002.99MG 0