You may have heard through the grapevine that copper and gold are the new must-have finish of the moment. This is the best season for bringing out metallic inspiration throughout your interiors. Everywhere you look, metals are a hot trend – from the warm gold, brass, and copper accents to the cool chrome, nickel and stainless steel applications, there is no doubt that copper and gold finished door hardware are the go-to finish of the moment.




Their evolution has been focusing on the increasingly adventurous ways metal finishes can be used, giving exciting examples of mesh architectural elements and metal sculptural effects.





We have been all more than accustomed to the clean look of classic satin or to the elegant black emerging in the last couple of years, but the modern-classic look of gold and copper finish, satin or bright is becoming a new trend.





Door hardware in pure copper has been a particularly strong interior design trend this year due to its antimicrobial properties, but also the copper anodized finish, bringing warmth and a sophisticated glow to the office interior design, is becoming more popular.





Gold and copper finishes have been an icon throughout different industries, such as textiles and homes for some years, and we are now seeing such trends come through office interiors. Gold and copper door hardware blend into the luxurious and precious appeal of the metallic yarn, component of the furniture or the textile.




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