The Declare Label is like a nutrition label for the building industry. It is a product transparency disclosure that lists the ingredients in products to help customers ensure healthier indoor living environments. It discloses where a product comes from, the materials it is made from, and its end-of-life pathway. 

The International Living Future Institute hosts a transparency platform and product database featuring Declare that helps stakeholders in the building industry find products free from hazardous substances.

The Declare label has been approved as a compliance pathway for the green building certification system LEED v4. Declare labels that achieve a declaration status of “Red List Free” fulfill the credit disclosure requirements. The Red List contains the worst in class materials prevalent in the building industry, which pollute the environment, bio-accumulate to toxic levels in the food chain, and/or are harmful to construction and factory workers.

at pba we strongly believe that only a sustainable approach is a long term sustainable approach; we invested in the Declare Label project choosing to submit almost all our products; we are proud to offer the following Declare “Red List Free” labeled products, available on the Living Future Institute’s platform: